Highlights and Bloopers: March 19-25, rain, cousins, yoga and staples


We hung our sleeping bags over the fence and aired them out in the rain for about 5 days.

Simon saving all the worms sticking to the tarp.

Amazon’s 2-day shipping of an Escape the room game didn’t come on time…. ran to Walmart.

Dropped and shattered a light bulb during a quick trip to Smith’s.

A tramp wrestling match landed Max at Insta-Care with three head staples.



Yoga with the ducks and the fish before the sun and the busy day.

Trey and Cole here for the week.

Meeting a friend and her boys for an airsoft match.

Playing Pie Face with brackets and all (and Dave pulling off the greatest victory face ever)

Saw real Dr. not physicians assistant.  Still much mystery but maybe new light.

Kids helped with moving goals and ran through the cold water at the field.

Younger boys playing house out front with neighbors.  Each room is laid out with a different blanket.

Tent nights outside.

Happy kids and cousins.

Running in the rain.

Girls Night with my mom and sister and my niece who tried on the three favorite dresses from my past. So fun.

Listening to Motab choir, Consider the Lillies, and the timely song right after on a particularly stretching (not yoga) day.



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