Highlights and Bloopers: April 1, 2017 conference, house prep, hard times


“I just want Jesus to change his mind.” Simon breaking down for the first time about the move.  Tender little man with such faith.

I fell asleep with painters tape on my arm.

Back talk is workin’ my last nerve.

When pushed to tears my boys surrounded me remorseful.  On the way out the door Simon said, “it’s just your barking dog.” (a reference to Teaching: Amygdala – Amy for short)

Laundry- clean clothes aren’t there for me when I need them!

Kids feet keep growing and new shoes must happen.  Haircuts and church pants (tight floods) are waiting.

I took the kids rashes and speech problems personally – like “if only I…”  that’s not a good road to go down.


General Conference Check it out

Shoe shopping with Max and Jack – Jack running down the aisle because new shoes make you so fast!

Jack spent the morning in loud tears frustrated with new shoelaces.  By afternoon he was proud and OK with small successes.

pic – Simon chose to take a random picture on a day I got out of my workout clothes and did my hair (that was nice of you, Simon).  I especially like the pic because I’m with Jack and it looks like I’m doing something important – I mean it. Jack’s having  a rough patch so this moment and the picture he dew for me meant a lot. 

Math happened in a fun way by adding dots on Connect 4.

Just when I thought we were out of bread I found a loaf in the freezer.

pic – park time and saying goodbye to Trey and Cole

Ollie secretly made my bed, twice. Made me cry.

Grandpa took Jack on a train ride to Dave’s work where Jack spent the afternoon and then went skiing with Dad.

On Sunday Dave took the kids to the mountains so I could rest for the afternoon.


It’s hard but good things are happening.

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