What are we doing now?

Sometimes you just never know what can happen in a day. This was the case for us as we attempted to lock in our plans after Christmas. Instead of exploring Arizona and California on up to even Alaska we explored the options around Idaho falls, Idaho where we had family experiencing steep struggles. We wanted to be close to offer whatever support we could during a difficult stretch.

We knew it would be cold in Idaho and our trailer wasn’t equipped to handle freezing temperatures so Dave started looking into options. Almost immediately he found a furnished house 5 minutes from our family. The lease was five months instead of a typical 1-year commitment, and Peaches (the dog) would be allowed. Wow, was this really happening? We felt more and more confident it was the right thing to do the more we moved forward with our decision. This scripture kept running through our minds: Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort Mosiah 18:9.

We pictured where we would be living with the help of google maps satellite and did a face-time tour of the house with the owners. Our top priorities were met (furnished, affordable, close to family), the rest would work itself out. We did some electronic signing and transferring of funds and the deal was sealed.

Our plans drastically changed that day but we went to bed full of peace. We didn’t know how things would turn out or in what ways we would help but we knew God knew and we wanted to be available to help however we could.

Now we have been here for just over two months. So much has happened and I’ve lacked time for writing but miraculous things are happening and we are so grateful to be here. As time permits I will fill in the details of our life here in the potato fields.

What I know is that God knows and loves His children. Each one. It is humbling to see the hand of God in our life and in the lives of others and amazing to see what can happen with one early morning thought just a few days after Christmas.

” It has been said that the door of history turns on small hinges,

and so do people’s lives.”

 President Monson – Choices

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