#GiveThanks 2020 – day 4

Have you ever gone to the zoo and noticed how every animal has a special diet, unique to it’s species? I’ve wondered how it is figured out for gorillas, elephants and meerkats but not for humans. A quick visit to grocery stores or internet searches on diet can attest to confusion and contradiction surrounding the topic of what is best for humans.

The greatest caretaker of all knows the best diet for humans, we are after all, his creations. In 1833 revelation of Gods law of health, later known as The Word of Wisdom, was received and recorded by Joseph Smith. For many, it is known for restrictions like tobacco and alcohol, but taking three minutes to read the entire section will show it is much more than a law of prohibitions. It is spot on with warnings, scientific findings and needs of our time, filled with love and promises for our individual good.

I dare you to take 3 minutes to discover THEE caretakers special diet for humans. Maybe even print it, study it and hang it on your fridge. Next step would be to try it out. God has a plan for us to be our healthiest and happiest. I am thankful for the Word of Wisdom.

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