by Max

Here are some pictures of the Morgan horse ranch in Vermont. We were able to learn that they were used in the Civil war a lot! They are very small and stocky, and can pretty much do just about anything a bigger horse can do, such as race, pull carts and herd cows. I got to even pet foals!

Ben and Jerry’s!!! We got to tour the of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory and got to sample one of their flavors (Although I do think that I saw more machinery than Ice cream). Since the cones were too expensive to buy there, my dad promised to buy pints for us all to share, but it turns out that the pints were on sale, buy one get one free! So we all got our very own pint of Ice cream! I got Chunky Monkey, which is banana flavored ice cream with nuts.

IMG_5862It happens that we came across one of Vermont’s famous covered bridges, and so we went under it!

A few pretty sites we saw either driving walking or just out the window!

While at the Billings farm we shucked corn, pet sheep, saw a huge horse, ate apples on a string, helped pull up potatoes, we saw somebody milk a cow with a milking machine and toured the billings house. We learned the history of it and why it was called billings. It was named after the same Billings of Billings Montana

At Lake Champlain we saw beautiful sail boats and blue water. For lunch we went to an old fashioned restaurant and we all (except my Mom) had giant sandwiches called “The Macho Man.”

While riding a bike, I came across a beautiful river. I told my Mom and one night she said we could have a bonfire and go swimming. The water was freezing! But, we still swam, the bonfire helped. We also had a yummy campfire treat, where you would get a waffle cone and put all kinds of stuff like marshmallows, fruit, chocolate and other things. I burned mine.

I really liked Vermont!

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