Niagara Falls, New York

We parked our trailer in the specified bus/trailer parking lot and geared up.  We donned ponchos not for if we got misted but just to stay dry as long as we could before seeing Niagara Falls.  Our plans to walk changed in the down pour and we hopped on the trolley a little cold but grateful for the red wristbands that meant we were out of the rain for a few minutes. The ride also gave us the chance to attempt to mend and tape these short-life plastic beauties.


We hopped off and were first impressed by the speed and amount of water tumbling down the Niagara River. We went to the first lookout area tried to take it in and were eager to get closer to see more and feel more.


One affordable purchase was the observation deck. The deck was cool but even better was going down towards the maid of the mist area. There was a path that had the prettiest viewpoints.  There were fewer people here aswell. Just as we were about to turn back the sun broke through the gray sky and lit the exploding water. I snapped a couple of pictures as fast as I could thinking it may fade just as fast as it came. It was gorgeous.

We walked to all the other viewpoints on the American side (we need passports!!! yes we do!) and concluded we would go ahead and do the cave of winds tour.  These boys of ours were hungry for a good hurricane deck. Traveling at this time of year we see remnants of summer crowds like ropes and bars for long, snaking lines and it reminds me how grateful I am for the chance to travel during the off-season.

Without standing in line we entered the beginning of the tour which included everyone receiving a “free” pair of sandals to wear on the tour and keep afterwards.  We knickered our pants and then put on a yellow plastic thing.  I think it was to help us stay dry but… that didn’t happen.

pic – there’s always time to check out the native wild life.  We are amazed at how equally impressed the kids are with little nature aswell as big nature.

There were a handful of nice spots to view the falls from but, our boys, they wanted none of that.  It was straight to the water. I was interested in the beauty of the falls but they couldn’t compare with seeing our boys loving the falls. It was so loud and so cold and we each kept taking turns getting into the wettest, windiest spot where we could feel it pelt the backs of our ears.  None of us wanted the laughing and squealing to end – except for maybe the other site-seers.  So, we took a few pictures and said wet goodbyes to the cave of winds.

We waddled around and caught the next trolley where people smiled and commented on our wetness and Jack realized he’d lost his voice from screaming under the falls. Lucky for us, the parking lot held our home which meant dry clothes! Adventure sweet adventure and home sweet home on the road.

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