Yogi on the Lake: Pelahatchie, Mississippi

Dave’s work with the Big “I” golf tournament took us to Jackson, Mississippi.  While Dave and Ollie worked the rainy tournament, the kids and I stayed about an hour away at Yogi on the Lake. It was a wet and difficult week but a lot of good things happened too. We found dozens of the smallest frogs we’ve ever seen, played in rain puddles and the campgrounds cool pool area.


Here’s a few of our highlights and bloopers:

A little put-put miniature golf.  There is no rain delay here.  We are in it to win it, rain or shine.  Oh, and there’s always time to catch another frog.

Kids don’t fully embrace veggie life.  Gaga for meats and sweets.

Bug bites everywhere 😩

Late nights watching “Sing” with the kids.

Simon head and belly-flopped out of hammock.

Learning that prescription transfers fresh produce and vegan things are hard to find on the move.

The last day of the tournament we enjoyed dinner with the staff and then stayed in the hotel with Dave and Ollie.  Someone made the comment that we would all be staying in a small space that night. Ironically, the hotel room is quite a bit larger than our current house.

When imagining the new exterior of the trailer, I ordered a giant map to put on the back – just above our souvenirs, signatures from friends and family we meet on the way.  With moving behind us we finally had some time to put it up.  We were excited, followed all the directions and then… nothing.  It just wouldn’t stick.  Too wet?  humidity, constant rain?  We saved it and will try again some other time.

So much rain caused major erosion around our trailer.  Thankfully the campground crew brought loads of dirt, lava rock and gravel to fill in so we could get out.

There is an advantage to having everyone showering at the same time.  I felt like Milly from 7 brides for 7 brothers when I told them to leave their dirty clothes outside the door so I could wash them.

A couple of the kids tried out their worst behaviors this week.  But, I was grateful that Heavenly Father helped me see the goodness in my other kids behavior instead of throwing my hands up to it all.

Smoke detectors, tantrums, and I was yelled at for going 20 miles per hour through the empty park.

My prayer is “show me the way or help me know what not to do.”

Rain, rain, rain!  Almost as soon as we got out on the paddle boat we heard thunder and headed back to shore just in time.

We bought a season of yogi bear episodes.

Ants are in the trailer and we have leaking toilet.

We took a trip to Target (30 min one way) to get ant spray.  When we got home to use it, I took off the lid to find it was missing its spray nozzle.

Getting a cookbook down I threw an elbow to Jacks eye.

Someone left their swimming shirt and trunks at last resort.

Laundry with machines that actually worked better when hit- that felt good.  And, who thought of 10 minute drying cycles!?  I was feeding it quarters and tending the dryer all day (I later learned I could pre-feed these babies to get longer drying time).

The kids loved the puddles, the pool and slide and trying to light fires. We were so happy when Dave and Ollie were able to come and play with us a couple of times and happy to be reunited to adventure together side-by-close side again.  It’s hard, but good things are happening.

These helped me out this week:
When you’re already tired…

Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear

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