And we’re off: First week on the road, Mountain Valley Resort, Full-time RV


When I asked what was on my bed, one of my sons said, “Blueberries.  They’re adventure marks for the blanket.”  – A while back one of our kids was feeling low as he counted up all of the scrapes and scratches on his legs. He was up to about 26. We declared them adventure marks and the term stuck – apparently it works for unwelcome stains too.


Our first visitors drove to greet us and bring a house-warming gift but got a flat just outside the resort.  We were on our way to the pool but walked down the road instead to see if we could help.  One of the kids was without shoes so we took turns giving piggy back rides.  We walked for a while but were super happy to see Grandma and Grandpa come into view.  Believe it or not they had run over a 6 inch wrench and somehow it went straight in.

What?  You don’t have us down for tonight?  Somehow there was a mix up with our reservation and we scrambled to find a new spot.  No room, no room, hahahah – are you crazy… no room was a common response as we called around.  Luckily we learned about “dry” camping.  The front desk people were hesitant to let me in on this secret.  When I pushed them on it they said “kids just don’t behave over there and we get complaints”.  I promised them that my kids would behave and told them we really appreciated them letting us stay.  The next day I saw the front desk lady.  She said, “I met some of your boys last night, I’m not scared anymore”.  That was nice, a little funny but nice.

There is some rude attitude among some of my Buer globetrotters.  This week has been filled with a lot of emotion as every one adjusts to change in their own way.

Fuses and converter problems -Dave fixed!

Oh what do you do in the summertime? – asking Jack if he knows this song he answered, mostly pull weeds and things like that.

Black water gush…🤢

I accidentally set the car alarm off in this quiet rv neighborhood then ran a ways to find a family member with the keys.

Highlights and observations:

An outside movie at the RV resort.

After the excitement of flat tires and unexpected site swaps, Grandpa and Grani Jani treated us to Granny’s.

I’ve observed that here, everyone moves slow. No one is in a hurry.

Pushing Jack the astronaut on the swing to Mars was so fun.

Burton and Ollie played basketball with fellow campers…even a girl.

Pickle ball and putting green

Ping pong with Dan, Dan the 70 year old pingpong man.

Swimming like Michael Phelps became the quest after watching a few you tube demos.

Realizing my whole world fits inside that little trailer .

Late night swimming with just our family.  Making three person totem poles, Simon diving and swimming endlessly after diving sticks (trying to build strength and endurance for the next rematch race with Max I think).

Our air conditioner works well but is loud.  This is a hidden perk because it allows for some conversations to a little more private.

Ollie saying swimming feels like flying under water.

Beautiful sunset

Watching the kids walking to the laundry facility happy and carrying laundry baskets.

Kids chipping in to fold laundry and do dishes.

Catching butterflies- grandmas messengers? It is uncanny how butterflies have been right by us the last few weeks- even flying in front of us into our storage unit.  My grandma Brown loved butterflies.  We feel like she’s sending some messengers to encourage us.

Shopping for anything I ask myself, “where will I put it?”

Holding Jack on my lap while he slept and Ollie played ping-pong with a fellow rv-er


Simon asking me to play ballyball with him and me doing it.  It never ceases to amaze me how grateful I am when I choose to not say, “just a minute” and to live in the sparkle of their moment before it fades.  We made up a little cheer, “hitch, itch, cackle like a witch.”

There was a little girl at the pool anxious to race (and win) anybody.

Oldest boys chipping in without direct instruction.  =)

Rain storm – getting the awning down in time. This sounds simpler than it was.  I was in my 4 inch by 4 inch shower when I heard the storm blow in and my kids try to go put down the awning.  I admired their responsibility but could hear their troubles.  I was sort of worried but sort of laughing while knowing there was no way I could get out there quickly to help.  I then heard some neighbor adults helping my boys. It was good for them to try and to also see the goodness of strangers.

By Tuesday night we could see the counter, floor and couch.

The boys are bothered by the mess in the trailer. They are learning lessons of what change involves- work, upheaval, discomfort, but then… change can happen- this is a life lesson. Think of the butterfly!

Pretty view from Walmart.

Why have I never done this before.  Because I had empty boxes in the car from moving, I loaded grocery bags into boxes. When unloading, I made three trips to the car instead of 100.

A noisy thunderstorm rolled in.  Some of my kids didn’t like it and felt nervous.  I told them how much I love being safe inside our trailer and listening to the rain around us.  We opened the windows and the smell of fresh rain mixed with the smell of french toast. We turned off the lights, looked out the windows and just experienced the moment.


It’s hard, but good things are happening.

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