Jumping to 6

Being the youngest in the family and having the last birthday of the group can be pretty challenging.  Jack had been looking forward to his birthday for well over 300 days. I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to his hopes and dreams but thankfully he had a general happiness just knowing it was his birthday and it did turn out to be a really great day.

Lucky charms and strawberry milk were on the room-service menu and delivered to the birthday boy by adoring fans. Celebration balloons were soon stuck to the ceiling of his bunk with special static hair force.

Morning was spent at the park with brothers and friends followed by popsicles and lunch on the porch. Jack and mom enjoyed reading together on the porch while everyone else did family jobs.  (No chores is possibly why birthdays are so anticipated).

Every other year we do a friend party and no presents (the party is the present) but this year was a family party with presents.  Jack wanted to go to Airborne.  We picked up Dad, signed our waivers and waited in line for our wristbands.  After that, there was no stopping this bouncing boy.  He especially loved the smaller area for smaller kids where he would pretend to do a slam dunk into the foam pit.

There was so much to do and so many challenges to try out for all of us.  Dad and the older brothers tried out the Ninja course over and over, Max liked the extra bouncy tramp with a platform to jump from and Simon liked the monkey bars. I stayed with Jack and Grandma and loved Jacks endless energy and smile.

Just as we were finishing up, the fire alarms went off.  Loudly!! We were happy to get outside and uncover our ears.  Then everyone who could fit went in Grandmas car home where we would have our birthday dinner and presents.

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mario cake and thoughtful gifts from his brothers including one we had to go outside for.  Simon had taped his note to an arrow that he had to shoot for Jack to retrieve. Gift opening wasn’t rushed.  We enjoyed taking our time together and letting things unfold.

Happy, Happy Birthday Jack!

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