Closing week – Porch Pancakes and Moving out.

I woke up Monday morning with a heavy head, achy bod and low, low voice, blach. They don’t change moving dates for this.  I’m sorry to all who caught the awful bug from me- it went through us all.

During the week we occasionally set up the TV on the floor in the couch-less living room.  Together we enjoyed a little Frogger, and a couple of I love Lucy episodes.

Having prepped all week prior we tried our hand at painting our RV (again -rattle cans didn’t cut it).  Up at 5:00am to beat the wind, we took up my cousins offer to use an automotive paint sprayer for a better chance at an even finish.  We had roadblocks and hurdles (wind, wind, wind) but enjoyed being together and in the end it looked better than when we bought it.  I should add that we whizzed home from painting to try and un-blue ourselves just minutes before closing. That night we took the kids to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. Road- something seemed appropriate.  (Let’s be clear, moving day and closing day were quite different- closing was a couple days before moving day- weird but true).

Our last porch pancakes…A few years ago, Dave and I wanted to do something for our small band of neighbors and decided to begin Porch Pancakes.  We wanted people to feel welcome no matter what they did or didn’t bring and so tried to provide as much as possible.  If people asked what they could bring we would usually say, “bring a chair and something to share.”  Over time our neighbors wanted to help more and more.  We were touched this last time around when neighbors were asking what we needed, what could they grab at the store, what more could they bring?  We grew closer together during these casual gatherings, laughing and visiting with blankets on the lawn.  Though usually out front, this time we set up in our yard, hoping the fence would shield the windy gusts of the day.  The yard was filled with true treasures, people we’ve loved and shared our life with during these past 7 years.

Moving day came.  We thought we were close to being done thousands of times. It felt never-ending. My mom was sad she was sick and unable to help.  She prayed that someones heart would be touched to do what she couldn’t do that day. Not knowing of her prayer, Dave and I had been so humbled by the hours of self-less giving from our neighbors a few doors down.  The husband and wife came over and dug in, doing the gross jobs like cleaning the fridge and floors and hanging screens.  They noticed the time and realized none of us had stopped to eat.  She invited our kids to their home where she made food for us all and then returned again.  Their Christ-like service continued as they served breakfast for us in the morning just a few short hours later.


Others offered help in the form of watching our kids, donating boxes, noticing our overflowing garbage and offering us theirs, or stopping by to give a hug goodbye.

Our kids, My parents, my Sister and brother-in-law and their family were eagle eyes for seeing a need and filling a need no matter how big or small over several days, while our Wyoming connection sent love, support and Subway sandwiches.

At the end of the day it was time for a hard-workers special, ice cream! One of our kids was feeling sick and was already sleeping in the trailer so I stayed home to watch out for him.  Exhausted, I sat in the dark, messy trailer and just sort-of stared.  As I was staring blankly I saw something fuzzy.  muffet_17067_lgWhen I shifted my focus I saw that, Oh yes, it was a lovely little spider dangling from the ceiling right in front of my face.  There happened to be a roll of paper towels next to me and I took care of the intruder.  However, this same exact experience happened 2, 3, 4, yes, stay with me, 5, 6 (not done yet) 7 times!!  And all these, mind you are what I could see in front of me.  I decided that spiders had their limits and would not go behind my back.  It was time to officially move in and kick these creeping dwellers out.

Ready or not, Simon pulled me into an empty room for one last dance.  Ready or not it’s our last picture on the porch with our swings and red door.  Ready or not, it’s time to take that last step away.  Ready or not, adventure here we come.

It’s hard, but with a pocketful of hope and faith, good things are happening.

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