Week before closing- RV prep, stranger in the kitchen, happy simple moments


After working in 90 degree weather all day, it occurred to me I could have used the awning for shade.

Max craving oatmeal for dinner instead of the junk/convenience food we’ve been eating

Silly workout combos lately.  The black compression tights bring a whole new style.

There was a spider on Burton’s back.  Ollie was waaay more freaked out about it than he was!

While Dave and I were working on the trailer in the driveway (at my parents house) and my parents were in the back yard, a troubled soul apparently saw an opportunity.  I went into the house through the garage and was startled to see a woman I’ve never seen before standing in the doorway to the kitchen. I stared, then said, “Hi” in an awkward sort of way. The haggard looking woman then said she was so sorry, she must have gotten the wrong house.  She said she was there to pick up a babysitter, Jenny, and was told to just go right in.

She hurried off, apologizing for the scare.  As the weirdness settled we started to put inconsistencies together.  She was way too old to need a babysitter, people aren’t naming their kids Jenny these days, she lied about having talked to my husband out front, etc.

We wondered what her purpose was there.  Was she checking out goods for a potential burglary?  She didn’t have a purse so initially we thought she hadn’t taken anything then we thought of small things. Luckily Grandma’s diamond was still there but then we thought of drugs. A quick glance at the medicine cupboard revealed that, no, she wasn’t there to pick up Jenny.  She was there to steal prescription medication.

For my parents it was an uncomfortable violation and small inconvenience. But because of their charity, they were more concerned about the woman, her circumstances, and the dangerous possibility of overdosing on the drugs she took.  They forgave her and prayed for her.  Dave and I had conversations with our kids about how we choose to see the good but there are bad things happening all around and that the Holy Ghost will be important to them their whole life to help them discern.


I went on a walk with Jack and Tiger, his new truck.  We sat on the bench by the temple and let a lady bug crawl from my hand to his over and over again.  We watched the birds and listened to the crickets.  We took a few breaks on the way back- even Jack’s non-stop legs get tired occasionally.  🙂

Listening to max pray.

Simon’s hugs and chocolate mouth. – It is very hard to hide the evidence of Nutella.

Burton and Ollie are starting to enjoy and take ownership of our rv project.

My mom helped track down and pick up rapidtac– an awesome gunk remover!

Working together.

Jack loves his new truck- calls it his pup.

Falling asleep with jacks arms around my neck.

Talks with Ollie.

Sunday baking.

Burton offering to do the hard (not fun) job on the trailer.

Krista watching kids all day so our kids could play while I worked.

Time alone with Dave when kids were overnight at Aunt Jenny’s.  Grateful to be journeying together and grateful for the usual noise and commotion of having our family- it felt strangely quiet.

Feeding the ducks together.

Journals together (we love these)

Walk and talk with Dave.


It’s hard, but good things are happening.

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