Birthday week Highlights and Bloopers: May 28th – June 3rd 2017


One brother “tapped” another brother with a sledge hammer, then wondered why the tears.

Could someone please turn off the slow, melancholy piano music during pack-up time!?



pic- Burton growing taller and taller than me, Ollie’s drawing of our mighty white Bison pulling the trailer, birthday candy-gram for Dad, Burton designing the trailer paint and memorial day b-ball.

Another trip to Savers- loaded with many things I couldn’t have given up even last week. Being strengthened as we try to follow the direction we are given.  Sacrifice brings blessings- I just know it will.



Pic – sunny, lazy, days with snacks and friends =)

The can opener that works is in the trailer!!

Bleeding toes and other adventure marks.



pic- just wondering about the elf look

Some mornings I wake up with more grrr than others but don’t recognize its too bad until I hear myself reacting to normal kid behavior.  I am so thankful for the ability to exercise.  It gives me the chance to meet life with optimism and patience.  Without a good hard workout, I feel defeated before much of the day has even unfolded.  Heart rate up, grrr out, joy in.



pic-  The Tupperware from many meals from my mom sings “She gives me a kiss that I can see! and never bugs me that I don’t return any.” And the stack of empty boxes…. they will not be filled. Project elimination.


Baking all day on Sunday.



Feeling pretty good!!!

Finding old pics we had uploaded to google pics then forgot about.



Sitting under a half-alive cherry tree with Dave and a kazookie…each.

Time on the lake laughing and almost tipping.



Two weeks in a row I have been surprised to see the garbage has been taken out in time…without anyone being asked. Thanks Burton!

“I’m not hot because I put a lot of sunscreen on” – Jack



Running along the bank, Sy and max and Jack trying to catch a baby chick.



Finding ducks, crawdads, frogs, eggs and dimes.  The boys were very concerned about the abandoned egg.  They kept it warm and brought it home where we looked up how to tell if it’s a dud.  We tried the float test and candling.  I was relieved that it was not a developed anything – if it had been… I doubted it’s happy ending.

“I think I could catch them if the Mom wasn’t there” – max, baby chicks and a good mamma duck.



Creating a chart for what clothes we actually need and sitting with the boys making sure they could check off the list.  We still had piles of clothes “leftover.” We are scooping them up and passing them on.



A planned trip to the pool turned into a squished ride to the splash park with best friends.

Memorial Day- basketball as a family, car wash, designing new rv paint scheme.



Temple time with family for my sister’s birthday.

Someone yelled from the bathroom, “He can do the silverware!”  You do not want your opinion to go unaccounted for when it comes to kitchen jobs.

Everyone in the family got to have this years birthday here. Jack’s and Dad’s were this week.



I’ve learned that when my little boys want to dance with me I need to stop what I’m doing and soak in the sparkle in their eyes.- you can’t plan the best moments.

Ready or not, it’s all part of the adventure – I think I may need to remind myself in the coming weeks!

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