Final Sky view: Bloopers and Highlights May 21-27th 2017


A small metal table that was waiting to be returned got hit by the car then dropped out of the trunk twice.  Some things are not meant to be.

Surprise encounter with our home buyers in the kitchen.

Pic- the last view of our house from the sky (Dave snapped it on his way out of town)

Waves of sadness hit each of us at different times.  Leaving/change isn’t easy.

Two trips to the storage unit, wrong keys both times.  Should have checked the flag football backpack!

While replacing the sink side sprayer, someone reached over and turned the water on.

Waking son up at ten (apparently unreasonable) was met with “It’s not school.. mumble, mumble…”

Trying to simplify and let go of stuff – a bit daunting and emotional.



Getting familiar with our new home improvement store.  I observed very little color there.

Dave replacing the light that broke off on our maiden voyage.

Father and sons camp-out after Dad being gone all week.


Story of The little people that live on Jacks toe continues:) – To make Jack feel better after an injury we made up a story about the little people who live on his toe.  The story has continued for days with new adventures of the toe people.

Big kids pull little kids on blankets out front.

Putting oil and gas in yard tools to help the kids help.

Kids helping Grandpa and Grandma with sod and the basement.

Lunch from neighbor, so thoughtful.

Green machines and sidewalk chalk in the alley and the longest chalk line ever.

Ready or not, change is coming and good things are happening.

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