Ollie’s bloopers and highlights

By: Ollie Buer


Flying my day-old drone into a flaming fire pit >=(   (story in highlights)



For some reason waking up every Monday morning with a bad headache


Not sleeping in my own bed for a week


Looking for a missing toaster and many other things


Going to bed at 12:00 and waking up at 5:40


Becoming an Ollie bird:



Mom saying we would all be good bloggers

Shaving my dog peaches

Finding time to play basketball every day

I don’t mean to brag or any thing but I took thisIMG_1012 pic:—————-

Got a haircut from mom’s barber shop

Finding a hidden Teepee

Using sticks to roast marshmallows

Drawing and eating in the trailer


ABOVE: Minutes before my tiny drone was sacrificed

Story: My drone was something that I had bought at Walmart. While I was flying it, I had noticed that sometimes it would not go backwards and just keep going forwards. So one time I was flying it and then it just kept on going forwards and then it lost connection right over the fire pit and fell to its cruel doom. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sniff, sniff, sob, sniffle, sneeze)……. But my awesome bros say they will help me buy a new one =)

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