Camping and Under Contract: May 14-20 2017 RV living, here we come!!


I put Dave’s pants on by accident- got excited by the roominess. My insulin problem (definitely not the Nutella) is shrinking my clothes.

Missing laptops, math books etc..  limping to the school-year finish line!

Spider on our bed.

Trailer Bloopers – Those trees did not signal

Several head-to-cupboard bumps getting used to new space.

Of all the places Ollie could have crashed his brand new mini-drone, the fire pit proved to be the hottest, most meltiest, most drone-endingness. Sorry Ollie Ollie’s bloopers and highlights.

Lights went auto-off three times while I was waiting for the dr…. the one who never showed up.  P.A. thanks for trying.  Adding finding new Dr. to the list.


We went camping in our trailer to stay out of the house until it was under contract so we didn’t need to clean it again!  It was awesome.  I felt like an Oakcrest girls camp counselor again… except there were no girls.

Max reading and teaching and inspiring us about herbs.  We all tried a dandelion on the trail.  Not too bad!

Playing games together in the simpleness of our trailer at night and using the camera to get a smile from these three.

Hiking and playing tag on the trail.

Camping, I asked if Jack would like to run with me to the bathroom?  “Run?” he said, lighting up, ready to race.

Kids were so delightful and helpful.  They loved helping with meals in the new trailer.


Burton helped his brothers build an impressive fort and led us on a hike.  Loved his happiness in the mountains The Fort and its Doom….

Loaded up the Mighty White Bison but forgot the hitch.  Thanks Simon for thinking through that one for us!!

A Car wash, underjams and dog food. I love my family

We thought we would have to go through boxes at the storage unit to find a library book. Luckily, it re-surfaced in the garage.

Boys started blogging.

Seeing 1 rabbit, 5 deer and 8 wild turkeys on my mountain run.

Finding a way to move a lot of buggy firewood.

Unity- a great feeling this week with our treasures.

So thankful to receive an offer on the house and smelling a little like camp-fire we celebrated at Menchies and Jungle Jims Playland

Ready or not, Rv life is coming. It’s hard but great things are happening.

2 thoughts on “Camping and Under Contract: May 14-20 2017 RV living, here we come!!

  1. I remember having to constantly clean our house and leave for showings while it was for sale. You were smart to just move into the camper and not have to clean it again. Once we finally moved out of the house, it sold! All those months of cleanings and showings with no offers until we moved out. 😉


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