Worried vs Determined 

I was up in the night, pouting and upset that I couldn’t sleep.  The 4-day window of health improvement had ended and I was going backwards.

I thought of one of my kids recently writhing and whining at the computer over a math problem. Was I doing the same thing?  A phrase I often tell my kids popped into my mind, “determined face, not worried face.”

True, I lack answers for my health problems. But, sagging lip corners and a furrowed brow won’t help me.

Instead, I can set my jaw and sharpen my resolve.  I can be thankful for the chance to struggle and live- thankful for the chance.  I can use my situation to gain empathy and compassion.  I can grow closer to My Savior as I ask for help and declutter my life of inessentials.

It’s not likely you will see me next time I’m up in the night but, if you do, leave the light off and just know I’m there trying to square my shoulders and not hunch them. I’m trying my determined (sleepy) face.


One thought on “Worried vs Determined 

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