Listing week: May 7-13 Highlights and Bloopers

28 bleach spots discovered after open house!!!  Soooo grateful we had twenty minutes to mourn it before realizing how it happened.  Didn’t get mad at him. Moving: Open-House and the Winning Blooper

Reverse in health but grateful for the journey.  Hoping that I can learn compassion for others as I go through this. Worried vs Determined 

Pinewood derby pics are happier before the race than after.

Occasionally it’s better their minds go to mush than mine.  Bribing with screen time saved me this week.

Finishing up (or re-doing) last minute projects.

Feeling unsuccessful and incapable and unsure (insure?) of correct prefixes for both.


Grateful for change happening on good terms- not the result of tragedy or something else.

The ac works thanks to Dave’s handiman-ness (no thanks to the company who wanted to charge a kazillion dollars).

Acknowledging what is life-changing for us may be just info to others.  That’s okay.

Boys picket with moving signs- and are excited and interested in the progress of our home.  They’ve come a long way.

Had a real in-person conversation with a friend- the power of personal connection, beyond social media is real.  Real, intentional relationships matter.

Ollie made the tween social faux pas by asking if a friend could “play”- immediately he was corrected with, “hang out?”

This was a full-size Nutella week as we prepared to fly away.

Felt peaceful when finalizing paperwork with realtor.

Getting mulch and fertilizer with Ollie and him insisting on pushing the cart because I’m a lady:)

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Grateful for help that came from our kids, from neighbors watching the younger ones, my parents unconditionally giving time to work on absolutely any project, my sister taking the kids several times and also helping here with her husband, my brother letting us park our new home-on-wheels there for a bit and my sister who is away calling, texting, supporting and ordering a pick-up meal for us.

It’s hard, but good things are happening.



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