First Week of May Highlights and Bloopers – Trailer, Museum, life rolling on



Happy, terrified feeling as we became new travel trailer owners.

Our first adventure came on the first day with our new trailer.  No worries, a hard working crew and some jumper cables did the trick.  Oh boy, what are we in for!

In family field-trip tradition, two of our crew got lost at the museum. Good news, they were together and found.

Ants on my hands after exercising and stretching on the grass.

Spring headaches

Sometimes I feel like I’m with the seagulls in finding Nemo and they are all pecking and saying , mom, mom, mom, mom”. But, when I can’t pull out of the garage without them running out to give me hugs and kisses I have to be grateful for that love!!


Family walk to the park – Basketball and playground together and Max enjoying the sunset!

While I went to BYU Women’s conference, these guys helped Grandpa with some big projects.  They partied and slept in the trailer just for fun.

I enjoyed yummy food and time sweet time with my mom and sister.

I was reminded of the Ides of Middle School – it put my homeschool problems in perspective and I felt grateful my middle school aged kids are here.

Inaugural campout in the new trailer.  Jazz game, friends, food, chess – we are off to a good start!

Burton finished the Book of Mormon- Way to go Burton

Reading scriptures in morning gave me a foundation to refer to when problems arose pretty much instantly as the kids woke up.  2 Nephi 2:1

Simon and Max loved playing a new pick-up game of Nickname tag at the park

Alone?!  Kids went to the park alone!

After researching and looking for a trailer we found one that was even better than we had hoped for.  It has all of our must-haves and… it’s bright on the inside.  I thought I’d have to redo an old one to lighten up the colors and feel.  Very thankful… and excited to tackle the colors on the exterior=)  The boys played hide and seek inside for longer than one would think possible and are excited to have a fun new space to adventure in. We are humbled and thankful for how things are falling into place – into a place we didn’t expect but into the place they belong.




It’s good while hard things are happening.

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