Bloopers and Highlights: April 23-29, 2017 Family life


“I hate limits”- Burton

“I’m tired of crazy music”. – a child who is always asking for hip tunes.

Due to spackling and sanding, Dave’s thumb and my thumb are no longer recognizable on our phones.

pic- What waffle morning is complete without this? Max and Jack earning some cleaning time, Jack’s toes after dropping a heavy load of flooring on one of them. 

Another bout (just one?) of feeling like “I can’t do this parenting, homeschool, etc, but comforted by my husband and mom.

Kids given to-dos while I was in shower.  I heard loud thuds and running and pounding- boy do they love their math!


Scripture pictures – On days I felt like I didn’t get enough done,  it was important to remember that this was happening.


Watching one of our kids write in his Q+A journal.  The question was, “whom do you feel the most safe with?”  I was curious if he would put me or Dave.  I was surprised when it was neither. I should have known. I watched as he started to form a J then an e.  Jesus, that’s where he feels most safe.

We were given an unexpected warm loaf of bread

We happen to love the puddles by the lake.  Sometimes the mighty white bison goes through them and sometimes little bicycling legs.

Cousin time, Grandparent time and Scout camp time – the pic above is of us going to the storage unit looking for cold weather gear!

I made an unusually yummy lunch with the ingredients that never turned into the planned dinners this week.

Family history with my mom and Sister Whitney during lunch hour.

We all helped make and take dinner to our neighbors.

Boys finished some online classes!!

Showed the house to neighbors- kids learning the drill of staging.

Trying out baked carrot ribbons

Pics- Jack found a tulip outside and set it on my bed =), I decided my new socks are the new fashion, ducks by our porch – that’s just nice.  

Dave and me laughing and relating to the song, “Let em say we’re crazy… Nothing’s going to stop us now.”  Does that mean a trailer is in the future?  I think so my friend, I think it does.

A friend gave me a journal without knowing that the title is how I feel, or at least how I try to remember to feel…

It’s hard (and sometimes fun), and Good things are happening!

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