Highlights and Bloopers: It’s all a blur! house prep, birthdays, three weeks in one April 2 – April 23, 2017


“He only loaded 11 dishes” An actual phrase from this week.

“Everyday is the same.  I wake up, it’s grapenuts or oatmeal.” Ollie feeling like his life is in a rut.

Simon and Jack have been best buddies for years.  Lately though, tables have turned. It’s been driving me crazy and making me sad- however, I had to laugh out loud when they kept calling each other a hippo-cricket (hypocrite).

Cruel trick- phone and laptop chargers are all missing from the turbo clean-sweep before potential buyers came.

When potential buyers came for an early sneak peak before listing, we were SCRAMBLING through the house tying to get everything to look just right as they were at the door.  I answered the door (not sure when the last time I had showered was) and asked for three more minutes!

I’m obviously an inexperienced window washer.  I called it after three tries -still streaks.

I barked at my kids =(

There was good reason to watch out for boogers and rocks in the Easter salad.

A freezing cold and wet soccer game where Jack scored the only goal!


“That’s like us, that’s what we’re doing.” Simon’s observation when “Living on a Prayer” came on in the car.

Max’s modern dance moves throughout every day mixed with statue poses he will hold forever until noticed – highlight.

IFA for fertilizer and we got to visit the chicks and rabbits

Library certificates- hamburgers from In and Out for reading

Checking out RV’s for a possible adventurous move.

I accepted a singing request, though the timing was terrible.  I listened to it throughout the week but pretty much my dad and I tried to learn the song during the hour before we were to perform- it’s all I could do.  During the performance I lost my place in the still unfamiliar music and had to stop and start again but, I did make it through without crying – which was my biggest concern.

“I thought maybe because I’m handling moving Jesus is helping me” Sy getting help with a personal problem.

Talking to boys about Jacks irrational loud crying behavior, I encouraged them to be gentle and comforting, not bullying and condemning.   They tried it, it made a big difference.

One of the biggest highlights for me came last week when I felt so much more like myself.  I felt healthier, happier, with more energy and better sleep.  We even made an impromptu trip to the park for a picnic breakfast- something that is more like my normal self.  I went shopping at Sprouts and was giddy with how normal I was feeling and so, so thankful!!

Tender mercy- found compression (love/hate) socks and one laptop charger

Jack decided it was his bears birthday and made some plans.  Becksa got royal treatment with breakfast in bed and chocolate zucchini cupcakes at his party.  Jack is even trying to plan a birth-date for Becksa with Grandma and Grandpa.  He told them Becksa wants to go to Chick-Fil-A and the humane society.

Ollie has made my bed everyday for almost a month.

Play do and Solar System songs

Renting a moving truck for a trip to the dump with old insulation, then to pick up fresh sand for the sandbox, ending with loading up boxes and furniture for storage while we prepare to stage this beauty that we love. This happened on Burton’s birthday and he was thrilled. He loves manual labor and getting things done – and the big truck.

Uno for Spanish 😬😀

Jack’s so excited to play soccer​

Bounce house out front for 24 hours!  Happy Birthday, Gwen!  We love our neighbors.

Dave coaching Simon’s flag football team.

On my birthday Simon surprised me with a decoration for my exercise shirt which I proudly ran around the lake. Flowers, family, love and strawberry shortcake (heavy on the cream) completed the day.

A major wind brought a major win.  They started with small bags and then continued to upgrade.

The boys loved helping on the balcony.  I don’t know how essential it was to clean up there but they scrubbed it and loved it!  I’ve also loved spending some time with my mom gathering a few extra touches for staging.

For the past 4 years we have held an Easter egg hunt and breakfast combined with our neighbors awesome tradition of the Egg Bash.  We had mixed feelings as we watched the event happening knowing it’s our last time here.


Grandma and Grandpa hosted our family Easter party which we loved – especially the bunny shaped scones=)

And, when the parties died down we geared down for a simple Easter morning.  This year the eggs were not filled with candy but with scripture verses about Jesus that we read all together after they found the family Easter basket. We then sat in our jammies and watched short videos of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

It’s hard, but good things are happening.

3 thoughts on “Highlights and Bloopers: It’s all a blur! house prep, birthdays, three weeks in one April 2 – April 23, 2017

  1. I just love you guys. So many fun memories that I am glad I am a part of. Next up….visiting you in your RV in the mountains 🙂 I loved that windy day with the bags!!

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