Highlights and Bloopers March 18, 2017 – St. Patricks Day + Moab


Ollie wants to use hair growing shampoo on his arm pits.

Eye twitching- consider it a friendly endless wink.

The power went out while we were trying to do school.

Can’t make my juice to perk me up when the power was out- Nutella it is.

Interviewing realtors- getting told to bland down our home- what!?

pic- “can we hit swords” – we have a couple of decoration swords that called for the thrill of the clank.


On a particularly overwhelming day, a sweet neighbor brought a meal for our large crew.

My parents served us nearly everyday with moving needs and room-mother needs=)

Max said, “like grandma and her parties” about how God will prepare a place for us.


Helping other homeschool moms

Yoga at the lake with the birds

Good run

Spring Blossoms

Simon, Jack and Max playing out front with neighbors

Saint Patrick’s Day Party and leprechaun traps

Half-marathon (Moab – My 26-Hour Pause) and the kids time at Aunt Jenny’s

Painting with kids

Playing store for school – kids had to do jumping jacks to earn their money.

It’s hard, but good things are happening through Christ who strengthens me – and through angels-on-earth who help.

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