Morning Musts: Developing Life-long Habits


Brusha, Brusha, Brusha your teeth, front and back and top and bottom, in between. These are the words to the “brush your teeth song” that plays shortly before the “read your scriptures” songs.  Struggling with morning routines we developed a playlist that we blast through the house.

There is a song for every aspect of getting up and getting ready: A wake up song, followed by a make your bed song, get dressed, fix hair, brush teeth and then most importantly the two songs that play for read your scriptures and say your prayers.



The entire list takes about 30 minutes and is known as our “Morning Musts.” The kids know that they can’t have breakfast or do anything else until their “musts” are done. The scripture-study varies.  For my youngest kids it’s looking through books of gospel art or watching short video clips from  A little bit older and they will work on programs like Faith in God or Duty to God.  My oldest kids sometimes prefer to listen to the scriptures rather than read. It is not uncommon to hear several different gospel messages playing through the house at the same time and it feels so good.


My kids have had their opinions about how much they like the “morning musts” but through consistency, scripture study is becoming a part of their daily morning habit. Hopefully it stays with them into adulthood as an absolute morning must.


Here is one of our morning-musts playlists.  We have a few.  Ollie created this one.


If this is good for you, kind of like brushing your teeth is good for you, please like, share and follow.  It’s hard, but good things are happening.

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