Highlights and Bloopers 3-11-17, Moving and Mono


Jack:  Is it okay if I accilutely (accidentally) stepped on the pizza?

In my excitement to lock myself in the bathroom for a bath, I slammed my finger in the door.

Some poorly aimed rough-housing maneuvers brought tears and bruises.

Max brought me a plate of apples and Nutella. He noticed that I didn’t touch the apples.

Mouse Maker and 7-layer Bean dip.  The night we told the kids the news we made food with layers to emphasize that we try to follow Gods guidance “line upon line and precept upon precept.”

Someone absentmindedly poured a pile of honey on the counter instead of on the grape nuts.

Inspired by reading The Witches, Jack concocted mouse maker with water, food coloring and… spit.

Dave loaded and unloaded molding to return 5 times because Lowe’s systems were down.

I discovered the yo-yo last fall hanging from our rain-gutter.  I was thoroughly amused and have been wondering how long it could stay there (I’m sure my neighbors have been too). One fall, winter and spring later, it proved itself and one of the kids took it down. Yo-Yo, you inspire me.

Between girls camp being at JR properties and my library fine skyrocketing, we decided to sell the house- oh, and it just feels like the right thing to do (though we are a little sad about it).


After a cancer scare, I am totally thrilled to have mono and some sort of insulin/blood sugar problem. And, seeing validation in blood-work numbers felt kind of nice.

Sometimes you know you’ve made the right decision when things just start working out.  I was blessed to feel much better than I should have as we began the busyness of preparing to move.  I felt extra energy and peace – and I instantly had nice people giving me great boxes.  Also, the kids are being blessed with cheerful and helpful attitudes.  Though we are working through the emotions of moving, there is a spirit of peace and unity.

Everytime I passed the white board I saw new drawings and words.  I didn’t always have my phone with me to snap a pic – but these represent what I saw: We are moving, We are moving because we want to obey, and it is hard but good things are happening. – so sweet and trusting. 

Grateful for a favorite shirt when it’s time to do hard things.

I found  a dime on the sidewalk after a visit to an old friend that I felt impressed to talk to. Folklore says that that means something!  Whether angels drop dimes or not, I felt carried last week – so much so that I was inclined to believe they do.

Jack joined me on my morning run.  I kept one ear-bud in and he sang along with me to whatever song was on, “Shoulder Roll, Shoulder roll.”  We sat on a bench at the temple then took some trails back- without even popping a tire!

When asked by a friend why we are moving, Jack responded, “Because Jesus told my mom and dad.”

Burton went to work with Dave and got to see radio and satellite tv interviews behind-the-scenes. He also met Brandon Mull, the Fablehaven author. Then, up to the mountains for a little snowboarding with Dad.

The boys did yard work with skateboards, Green machines, ride on toys and neighbors.

It’s hard, but good things are happening through Christ who strengthens me. 

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