Highlights and Bloopers 3-3-17


The boys fought over the leftover, rarely made jello, then I lost my cool at the stupidity of it all.  Sugar. It’s bad for families.

Mooooooodiness is in the house!

Glucose sugar test🤢 and weight gain😡

Tempted to feel like I’m not doing enough.  Trusting that my efforts will be blessed.


Phonetic Punctuation – SimonJack

I went out for recess and had a snowball fight. It was good for me on multiple levels.

Going to the Humane Society to love the animals.

Simon felt shy and didn’t want to talk to a new boy at scouts when I asked him to, then he felt bad incase he disappointed me.  I was so proud of him when later he decided on his own to go ask the new boy if he got a brownie then later waved goodbye to him.  We talked a little about that being part of the scout oath.  Again, on his own, he came home and highlighted that part in his scout book, “To help other people at all times.”

Writing in journals at night with kids

We went to the Dollar theatre to shake things up.

I was grateful for a lake to sit by and a Father in Heaven to pray to.



One thought on “Highlights and Bloopers 3-3-17

  1. Sounds like a tougher week- but way to hang in there! Good things are happening- you’re doing amazing things! ❤❤ Sorry I couldn’t make it to the humane society. How have you been feeling? Are those weird symptoms gone yet?

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