Peppers -Take a Bite

Every Herb

4:00pm rolled around and I was hungry. Preparing for dinner I noticedthe red pepper on the counter. ”That looks a lot like an apple,” I thought. What would happen if I just ate it like that – like it was an apple? Will the pepper police come out and tell me I should have deveined it or diced it or at least sliced it?

I decided I didn’t care. Eating veggies is best for me and time isn’t always on slicing and dicing’s side. So, as if handed the shiny red pepper from Snow White’s evil stepmother/witch, I took a bite. Nothing happened. No witches. No cackle. No passing out.


It actually tasted a lot like the kind of pepper one would eat in sliced form. My kids questioned me with their eyes, “Can you do that?” I think they sensed revolution taking place and felt daring. One at a…

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