Highlights and Bloopers 2-18-17 Valentines and Cousin Time


Someone missed the disposal memo about potato and carrot peelings. Instead he helped with the unclogging-the-pipes demo.

I had to confiscate screens and I held firm.  I was asked questions like “How will I research?” Hmmm,  Books? How will I practice the piano? Really? My most innocent child was the most apologetic for the mishap.

I bought two giant containers of Nutella at Costco.  Oops.


Reading the Spanish/English dictionary Simon discovered the official name for whitey-tighty underwear: briefs.  Later that night we were reading about a man carrying a briefcase. Confidently Simon said, “I know what that is, it’s a case for briefs.” Now I’m dying to know what all those businessmen carry – especially after a briefing.



After exercising I left the yoga video playing because Jack seemed interested.  I was doing haircuts and kept peeking on him.  He stayed with it the whole time and even did the bow at the end. Namaste, Jack, namaste.

Running outside is so nice – even if more jarring than the treadmill.

Always good to be putting away the heating pad after a squirly back.

My mom and I finished removing all the paint from a 100-year-old dome glass frame. She did most the work when I left it there because that’s her generous way. I think it’s good that I like antiques since the picture we had taken last year is becoming one while it waits for its spot in the old frame.

Too excited to sleep, all the boys but Burton who had a babysitting job that night, drove with Dave to pick up Cole and Trey from the bus downtown.  Then it was air-soft wars and party-time.

Maybe it’s because I don’t do it constantly like I used to, but helping one of my younger sons with his laundry, I delighted in the treasures I kept pulling out of his stuffed pockets: a CTR ring, a ziplock of crushed and melted m and ms, a chocolate wrapper from Valentine’s Day and a piece of cut paper.💛

We were gifted red-hot burning love this week by getting our stove fixed!

Beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  We skipped “school” work and went striding down the sidewalk with Peaches ending up at the skate park.  We came back, did some work then packed a lunch to go out again.

My parents are the room-parents for our homeschool.  They planned and carried out such an awesome Valentine’s party for our kids. Check it out here: Be “Mine” Valentines Party

I bought two giant containers of Nutella at Costco.  – yes it’s a blooper too.😁

Boys translated scriptures and Spanish dictionaries for their foreign language time. Turned out great.

Jack and I were home alone for most the day.  It reminded me of slower, simpler times. We made a hot-wheels car wash in the bath, ate a picnic on the tramp, made some juice and played Mario together.

On my grandmas birthday the kids helped clean up and shine her resting place.

My back seized up just before church and I missed going.  Simon later prepared some bread and water for me because he knew I missed the sacrament:). Later in the week Jack was playing “baptism” in the bath.  I love that they want to emulate what is important.


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