Be “Mine” Valentines Party

Miners are ready and await the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa, the party planners.

First things first, headlamps for safety.

On to some vittles.  Baked beans, corn bread and nuggets – chicken nuggets.  Finished off with some dirt cups and gems and some mighty tasty geodes.

Out near these parts there’s gold.  Once the youngins found the gold they brought it to the trading post for supplies like TNT and bubble gum.

Then, Grandpa Mark used his bare hands to assist in smashing geodes for treasures inside.  He was in danger but persevered somethin’ fierce. We found some real shine in them-there rocks.

Panning for gold we found even arrowheads and shark teeth.  Yikes.  Grandpa Mark taught the miners what to do in their down time, flip bottle caps.

A little bubble gum blowing contest and TNT explosions and I’d say this party was a real dynamite blow out!


Happy Valentines Day!  Be Mine.

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