Highlights and Bloops, Baptism and Matilda 1-11-17


I went to my room with a near-empty container of Nutella, a spatula and a guilty face when, to my surprise my son met me there.

I cleaned out the fridge.  You know it’s been a while when you pull out a paint roller that’s been stored in a bag but you can’t remember what project you were trying to Finish…

Sometimes I feel low – then guilt.  Prayer, gratitude and connecting with my kids helps a ton.

I played Legos with Jack and cleaned out the bins. I found my tiny shelf holder in there as well as a rabbit turd that I’m not obligated to discuss here.

Assistance only with the burner, Jack made his very own fruit soup and we had it for dinner.

My singing practice time is in the car on my way to and from the gym.  But, needing more and hoping to set a good example for my kids I started practicing at home.  Jack is now proud of his 1,2,3,4 scale.

I told the boys they had two minutes to get outside or they were cleaning my room.  They ran out!



We cherished Simon’s baptism.  During the short meeting before, our family sang the musical number, “Teach me to Walk in the Light” and Burton played the piano for us. Simon showed his shy, happy smile and had a twinkle in his eyes.  While family was with us, Ollie was able to be ordained to the Aaronic priesthood the same day.  It was a sweet, happy time.  Afterwards we mingled in our home and it was wonderful.


Matilda Party – To celebrate reading Matilda we had TV dinners like the Wormwoods, spent time in the chokey, ate chocolate cake just like the one made for Bruce Bogtrotter and drank water with a newt in it. Turns out some of the kids weren’t so sure about mom pretending to the Trunchbull.

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Music teacher’s open-mic night.  I felt under-prepared and nervous about my outfit and my abilities. I kept trying to convince myself I could try without music and prayed I wouldn’t forget the words. Dave, our kids and my parents kids were champs listening for hours to several teenage love songs waiting for my turn near the end. Phew, I used my music for one song and cleanly enough made it through the other one.

Putting Christmas away together and letting the boys saw off the Christmas tree branches like real lumberjacks.

Ollie went to work with Dad and then night skiing.

All my kids went to bed happy and three of them on time at least once this week.

Finding Simon reading like this.

Walking to and from the church holding hands with Max.  Simon running in his boots.

Simon learned how to blow bubblegum bubbles and he surprises himself.  Ollie learned last week too.

Sunshine!!! Football, bikes and scooters are out in the sunny weather

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