Highlights and Bloopers 1-28-17


Seconds before I was to walk out the door for a singing performance I stopped to get a drink. Jack and Simon were at the bar and instantly an idea struck Jack. As I turned the water on he reached over and pressed the spray handle aimed directly at me. Stunned and wet, I tried to explain that now wasn’t a good time to play.

I honked my way through a few icy turns this week.

After using packing tape to wrap presents I found the regular tape in my purse.  Hey, you never know!

I often seem to get cold hands and a runny nose before I perform.  This time I was prepared but then slightly embarrassed when I realized that I left my used tissue on the pulpit for all to admire during the remainder of the event.


Jack is reading!  He is so proud and is reading to anyone who will listen!

The boys started drawing lessons and are very excited.

We celebrated Max and Simon’s Birthdays!!

Folding laundry and reading again – this time it’s Matilda.

On a day I didn’t feel so well I remembered to let things go except the essentials so we read our scriptures together and had many important conversations throughout. This is a picture of Ollie demonstrating that we are happier and we feel more peace the closer we get to Christ and further away from the line between good and evil.img_8911

Jack was scared on the way up the snowy mountain- along with his brothers.  When we got to top he said he prayed and Jesus helped us.

The Amazon box that I thought was liquid starch and could have waited days to open was a box of sunshine from my sister with love and great taste!

Jack showed up in the dining room having been dressed up by Max and said, “I’m here!” Then more kids joined in the fun.

Dave gave a great Family Home Evening pickle juice lesson based on a talk by Elder Holland (The laborers in the vineyard).  “Why do you choose to be jealous when I choose to be kind?”  It got even better when the pickle juice we had to sip representing jealousy was mixed with left-over pickled herring juice and scales.



2 thoughts on “Highlights and Bloopers 1-28-17

  1. So funny, thanks for sharing! Was that before the women’s program? My kids have tried taping that sprayer on April fools…once 😉 so many good things ARE happening at your house! What a wonderful family! Love you all- And love you in that yellow jacket! 🙂 Jenny

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