Bloopers and Highlights 2-4-17


Prayers work.  Getting up from prayer and answering my child knocking at my door, I heard myself say, “what sweetie?”  Instead of the “yes” through clenched teeth I thought would come out.

We took turns having head colds.

The center lid piece went missing on our blender…img_9116

While the boys were getting ready for bed, Dave and I were near the pantry down stairs and heard a steady drip, drip, drip inside the wall any time the faucet was on or the toilet flushed…. hmmm

About 45 minutes into our special dancing date, we were called from home that one of the kids was throwing up…

My Beautiful mom has a rare and severe allergy to cinnamon.  It’s dangerous because even if she can’t smell it, it is often present in candles and perfumes and air fresheners etc. When she and my dad came to celebrate Ollie’s birthday, something in our house triggered that allergy and she instantly began loosing her voice.  Luckily she left quickly and with medication stopped the reaction from getting worse. She graciously allowed us to move the party to her house where, not feeling well but selfless as ever, she whispered and helped Max learn how to paint.


We noted the one year anniversary of our scary freeway crash. We crunched some chips into our soup in its memory.


Dave and I braved up for the long awaited trip to the cancer specialist.  No words can describe being able to walk out with happy results that my blood looks normal again and we are not taking that life-altering route. Having to accept and be prepared for the real possibility was a very humbling, scary experience. I hope we never have to go there again.

We played space Bingo for science and Chutes and Ladders for math.

My parents took Max on his birthday date.  Instead of presents they are giving presence. They took him anywhere he wanted to go which included a trip to the Humane Society to visit all the animals, a stop at a miniature house display and then a restaurant for dinner.

I’m learning what it means to hashtag. I think it should be a dance move -Do the hashtag###

Dave took the kids to the gym to work out some cabin fever.

The kids had fun getting ready for our new tiny neighbor to move in.  Welcome Home!

We celebrated Ollie’s 12th birthday by learning to paint along with Bob Ross.

Jack did jobs to earn money to buy a gift for Ollie.  When I got home he was waiting on the garage stairs so excited to go shopping.  He ended up buying a king-size KitKat and a mini football helmet (from the coin machines up front).

Amazing family helped us on Dr. day by taking kids to ski lessons, providing tons of food, love and support.

Stickers, gum wads and scratches came off of the “new” bunk bed and by Saturday it was ready for stain.  And, did you know soaking your hands in a little veggie oil blend will clean your hands afterwards?

There was sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I had a handful of cherry tomatoes and almost imagined summer.

Shopping with Ollie and Jack was a delight…and so was my nap.


P.S.  Tragedy or Destiny?  This link helped me during the past month to ground my trust in God more firmly. I am grateful that for now, my destiny isn’t tragedy.

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