Family Highlights and Bloopers 1-21-17


Our family is almost old enough to have a candle warmer out without it becoming a fist bath in wax. Almost.

Simon told me goodbye, he’s moving to the mountains.

I sat by a Pringle cruncher at the library.

“Pink, I need pink.” I was heard to have said after one too many “whizz-poppers” from my tribe.

Dave shaved his beard and left his creepy mustache to concern his coworkers for a few hours.

I was pretty sure the sky was falling (heavy and hard and more than once).  A little more rest seems to remedy the situation best.

During one of their slow-mo battles, Ollie got a sword jab under his eyelid.


Temple square with Simon as he prepares to be baptized.

After a royal spill at the table all the boys hopped up to lend a hand to clean it up without being asked😇

We are learning that if Burton wears his ski goggles on the ride up the mountain he doesn’t get a migraine by the time we’re at the top!  Hurray!

In my fluffy robe and koala slippers I stopped to help a girl whose car was high-centered on a giant rock.  Luckily, I didn’t actually have to get out of my car.

We made Gingerbread houses with Grandma and Grandpa.

Taking lessons and dancing with Davie at an old dance hall in Murray. 💘img_8884

Gorgeous day to ski- so thankful we can!  Thank you Brighton for helping the boys get in the program!

Jack slept on the drive up the mountain.

After dinner, we all pretended we were someone else in the family.  The best part was telling Burton (who was now Max) to get off Burton’s phone.

Still not sure what ails me, but I feel better after a kazookie or giant piece of cheesecake. I think they need to become my new supplements.

Burton and Ollie and I went to a tech conference.  They were a little apprehensive about being there with mostly adults until there was free pens and free food.  We had a good time together.

Max, Simon and Jack made a new hut and slept in the basement all week.

We went to the Church history museum with my sister.  The golden statue below is actually the angel Moroni blowing a trumpet to greet the Savior at the second coming.  However, to Simon it looked a lot like the BFG blowing dreams.

Burton keeps working long and hard at sanding the “new” bunk bed.

Ollie is becoming a great reader of great books.  His Key of Liberty history class has been hard for him but so good.


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