Highlights and Bloopers 1-14


I barked at one of my kids when they picked the lock while I was trying to exercise…then I felt bad. There is just something about a picked lock…

My child was sent outside to do his his just-for-fun screaming.  Sorry neighbors.

Ollie has knuckle shaped bruises on his foot from playing “toe smasher.”

pics – A day at Camp Tracy for a homeschool day.  Jack’s a little frustrated with knot tying.

I played phone tag with ski resorts and doctors.  No fair, I think I was “it” almost the whole time.

Finally getting in touch with someone about the homeschool ski program, I was informed that it started about an hour ago…😡

One of us got odd numbers on a semi-routine blood test and is being sent to a hemotologist/dr.whowillnotbenamed.  We are hoping for no-biggie-of-a-deal.  It’s a lot better than the other options.

Still missing two new bundles of spoons from Walmart and a package of patches.  I think that bag just didn’t make it home with the other 90.

pics – singing into the giant wooden spoon, trying to reach an icicle to take home, the beginnings of “Tough Cookie – the mancave,” Eating whole foods =)  Take a Bite!


Treadmill time outs!!!👍 I know that exercise helps me get my grrr out, so this week it was the time-out spot for my kids.  And it helped!

My kids folded the laundry while I read the BFG!  They kept begging for more chapters while they folded- Yahoo!  Then, we finally got rid of all the socks that didn’t have a reasonable match.  That was a big day.

Simon assumed the role of Dad on a late night at the office. Jack then played the role of Grandpa.

pics – creative writing with stamps

When I rang the bell for dinner I was complimented on being a good bell ringer

Dave got approached by a modeling agency- It’s like my mom always says, he’s so good looking but doesn’t seem to know it.  He’s got to know it, but he just doesn’t let it go to that handsome head of his.  Too bad the models at that company model more body than clothes.

Since we were sick before Christmas and because my parents are awesome, Grandma did our Christmas craft with us this week.  We loved spending the afternoon there.

We do Thursday Thervith (service).  This week it was folding laundry, writing letters, and shoveling snow.  I think this tradition is one of our essentials (Exact, Essential Education).

Speaking of Max the chef, he made homemade Snozzcumbers for us to eat the night we finished the book and then watched The BFG.  We also had lumps of green jello and fruit in honor of the BFG’s dream collection.

Max was talking about wanting something “savory” for his birthday crepes for dinner. Savory? I think I only knew what that meant last year and still lack the confidence to use it in a sentence.  Not to mention “crepes.” Go Max the chef!


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