It’s Hard but, Yadee, Yadee, Yadee.

A few months ago I felt compelled to start blogging -pronto, ready or not! As I considered what to call my blog, I settled on a phrase that had become my go-to response to any questions about how things were going: It’s hard, but good things are happening.  This phrase described my situation perfectly.  It was true and authentic.  It was also wordy and difficult to remember.

I hope to have a welcoming kind of blog that is validating, comforting, useful and fun.  I also want it to be easy to remember and to find.  So, though I still feel like things are hard but good things are happening, I have decided to implement a name change that will be easier on the eyes and memory but still reflect how I feel.

Ready or Not

Yes, that still sums up exactly how I feel in three words or less.  It speaks to my insecurities as time marches on, but it also has a playful element that winks at the joy in this journey.  So, under the new blog title “Ready or Not,” I will share with you how it’s still hard but good things are still happening.

And, if you really like how it sounds when you get to clickity-clack the keyboard, you can still find me at (gasp for breath) but if it’s one of those days, relax and find me here at  Thanks for coming along.  Ready or not, let’s go tackle this new week!



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