Highlights and Bloopers 1-7-17


I had a conversation with four different children through my bathroom door…  make that five. FYI it was a short water closet visit.

We made an impulse purchase on a non-returnable item.  I was relieved when the nice person let us return it anyway because it was missing pieces.

Vaguely remembering being an “o” something, I tried to donate blood.  I guess if you have ever had an irregular heartbeat (like when I first bumped into Dave – that hunk in the picture above) then you can’t donate without a Dr.’s okay.

We had to try nylons on our faces.

I thought bedtime was already challenging but the kids have been asking for a challenge when it’s time to get ready for bed.  So far they’ve army crawled, hopped on one foot, not touched the ground, and crawled on knees and elbows.

Jack received his second sledding lip injury.


Wrestling with Dad and playing the family favorite “Toe smasher.”

6 haircuts in 2 1/2 hours.  How do people do that all day!  I was pooped!

My sister called just to chat about how to cook a newfound yummy.

My moms cute face when she found a picture frame I’ve always wanted.

Waiting for Daves train, Jack and I played “Santas elf is a  ___ elf,” and went through the alphabet.

Reading the BFG and talking in a BFG voice is worth every giggle.

Needing a change of scenery, Dave and I decided we’d stroll around on a quest to find overalls for Simon to replace his way too short, holes in both knees pair.   These are not exactly in fashion or in stores but we had fun trying anyway and adoring the fact that Simon loves overalls.

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