Highlights and Bloopers 12-24-16


No kidding, I sat on a fork when I went to go for a sanity drive. Was that placed there intentionally?

Ready or not dinner-time just kept coming.

I started to lose my patience then I realized I was giving it up to a 43 pound child with two pairs of underwear on his head. ¬†Somethings just don’t matter.


Laundry Helping Bandits

I forgot the main burner on the stove isn’t working and eventually realized the stir-fry wasn’t frying.

I didn’t realize a routine prescription was out of refills.¬† I now know not to run out on a Thursday before a Friday or a weekend.¬† Grrr.

Tea kettle took a beating. ¬†Heated empty by one son and accidentally dropped by another. But… I am grateful that they are helping in the kitchen. ¬†I love my boys.

Food, treats, treats, treats!

We picked through the giant recycling can looking for Daves lost wallet..twice. Thankfully it was found without incident in a much cleaner and warmer place.

Jack says he does baby-talk because he still has baby teeth.  We could be in for the long haul!

I heard a strange squeaking in the garage.  It was coming from the car.  Apparently I ran over a screw.  It was better than a crash on the slippery roads where I somehow picked it up.

I’d been gone 3 minutes and my cell phone started ringing with a call from home. As it rang and rang I sat thinking someday I will wish that my kids would call. But for today,¬† I had a missed call. And it was OK.


Reading the scriptures with sweet Sy

Slapping , grunting and laughing can be heard again (since being curled up in balls and sick). Bloopers gets the flip side…complaining, arguing…

“I don’t know what tired feels like.”- Jack talking about how it’s hard for him to get to sleep at night.


Ollie figured out the art of bubble blowing!

Simon offered me candy … emmy-ems or bubble gumūüíõ

Watching Burton and Ollie through the dollar store window while I waited in the car.

Hearing Jack sing the zero song an octave higher than the recording.

We finally got our garbage cans out on garbage day. To celebrate we left them out the rest the week

I finally remembered my voicemail password.  Luckily none of the 20 messages were urgent.

Simon still recovering from our family flu woke up from a nap and said, “I wish there was still more day.”

A very fun Christmas Eve party where the kids acted out the nativity.  One of the wise men forgot his gift and offered Pepsi instead.

Watching Simon and Max’s online recital:)

Max did jobs at home to earn money for a present he wanted to buy, hopefully learning to avoid debt, no matter how small.

Helping Simon through the dollar store checkout with his prized gift and a handful of sweaty coins.

Each of the kids shared something they have been learning.  Burton rocked the Preamble.

Boys excited about giving a gift to a cousin.  Wanting to stuff the envelopes as much as they could.

Watching Ollie sneakily holding a purchase he made while we were at Big Lots.

Practicing and performing with Ollie and holding his hand after when he was still so nervous.

Jack stayed up late to help me tie bows on neighbor gifts.¬† It’s several days past Christmas and they still look lovely under our tree =)

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