Motherhood: Nine and Mine

“Almost ten,”I tell people when they ask how old Max is. The other day he begged to come to the library with me.  I needed space but knew he loved the library and would probably stay busy so I could focus on planning and thinking.

img_8076Do you ever have those moments when you realize the littleness of your child?  I glanced up and saw him at the reference computer looking up a chapter book about dogs. His head was at the same level of the screen.  I watched him and snuck a picture to help me remember that right now he is isn’t almost ten.  He is 9 and mine. For 45 more days he’s 9 and mine.

Jesus sets the example of loving people exactly as they are. He loves the sinner, not the almost saint.  He loves the blind, not the almost seeing.  I have felt His love for me in my almosts and in my no-where-nears and I want to be that way for my children.


Burton is 13 not almost 14.  I’ll only get to love him as a thirteen year old, fluctuating voice and honest questions and all for 365 days and then never again.  Ollie is 11!  Why wish him further away from childhood and into teenhood. He’s 11, he’s 11, he’s 11.  For 49 more days he’s 11.  Simon, maybe the day he turns 8 he will stop wearing overalls or maybe having peanut butter and jam on his cheeks will start to bother him.  He is as little as seven can be, for 45 more days I will love my Simon seven. And, Jack.  will the 6-year old Jack ask me to play Candy Land everyday or read the book with the spot?  My 5-year old Jack keeps his tongue on the corner of his lips and writes his “c’s” backwards today.

Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven Matthew 19:14.  He’s always inviting us to come unto Him- with no provisions.  I want to be that way.  I have today, not almost today, to love my children exactly as they are.




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