Bloopers and Highlights 12-9-12


I used the word “twerp” for the first time in about 20 years.  It’s all I could think of to describe twerpy behavior.

Inspired by Hamilton, Simon said, “I want to be a rapper or a rancher when I grow up.”  I think he should do both!

“I wish I was a girl because then I wouldn’t have to do anything😡.”- Simon

“I can’t wait til I’m a grown up because then I won’t have to do kitchen jobs.”- Max.  I guess these two observations give it away that I frolic while they relentlessly work.

When asked how he would rate his nights sleep, Max first said 10 for amazing but then changed it to 8 because the alarm went off.  How true that is.

Jack was on his last chance to go to a friends birthday party.  He said he prayed Jesus would help him:). He got to the party.

I read Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  I couldn’t help but recognize my kids and myself in it.

Through research and experience I’m learning all about vitamin B-12.  I need you!


Following a rough week, all the kids stayed much better on task and had much more time for play.

We went to the Night in Bethlehem in Pleasant Grove.

The kids each wrote description papers about cookies or making breakfast then did a little peer review.  It was fun to hear their insightful suggestions to each other.

The brothers are excited about finding and wrapping just the right gifts for each other.

I spent quality time helping max with math and Jack and Simon with reading.

One day I slept past 7🤗

I got an out-of-the-blue hug and an, “I love you.”- Thanks Burton

“Simon says” is becoming a new favorite game- along with the game of trying to keep a straight face while someone desperately tries to make them laugh.

We went to an amazing concert at American Heritage where I remembered that comparison is the death of joy- and that God has a purpose for this crazy thing we are trying to do here.

We enjoyed an entertaining Faraday chemistry lecture at the U of U.

Ollie was thoughtful and sweet to me.

Our car has a tendency to lose control near fun places and sort of just drives itself there.  This week it was ice cream.

Burton had awesome leaders create an unforgettable caroling experience

We got to tend several wonderful kids this week – Teaching: Respect for Women and Children

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