Highlights and Bloopers: Thanksgiving Week 2016


Picture a den of squeaking and roaring snakes (if there could be such a thing) and then you’ll know what it was like trying to do FaceTime scripture study with Dad.  It wasn’t pretty but I think they learned that the pilgrims were talked about in the Book of Mormon.

The plaster of Paris dried too fast for the turkey mosaics.

How did they do it!?  In the spirit of pilgrims and pioneers, how did they not have their own room to run to for sanctuary!?  In the one room cabin how did sanity prevail? Maybe more time in the outhouse?  All the more reason to honor and respect these truly amazing heroes!

The Mayflower was too big to transport to Grandma and Grandpas house.

Is eating til you can’t move considered a blooper?



Raking leaves for Grandma and Grandpa and playing with the leaf blower!

I found a quarter in my purse for a green gum ball for Jack after he was my helper at the store.  He really was helpful!

On a day that my nephews were in town, Dave took all the boys to do an airsoft war -all the boys except my glowing-eyed cooking and dance partner, Jack. 💗💗💗

Concluding that I needed to re-buy my make up, I prayed to be able to find it if it could be found:). That morning Dave found my mascara looking for the keys in a forgotten purse pocket.  I found my eye liner in the basket of colored pencils as I was preparing to make a crown for the king of England.  Then packing library books in my backpack I found my make-up bag at the bottom.  Even the little things matter.

After a small search I found the tiny needle necessary to pump up the flat basketballs.  I used the air compressor and I think they all inflated instantly the second the noise turned on.  I was grateful for a gorgeous day and healthy boys playing outside.

Grateful Day with family on Thanksgiving.  Wonderful people, food and Pilgrim-Indian-Red Coats skit.

My sister and her family were kind enough to pick up a real tree for us on their tree-hunt. We spent Sunday decorating it and then gathered sleeping bags for the kids, pulled up an old mattress for the parentals and slept by the tree.

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