Fresh Bread to the Rescue

Leftovers.  Ahhh, the feeling of opening the fridge, cold light spilling out and the invigorating chill revealing food already made. The true pot of gold.  I relish this moment. My kids however (as mentioned in recent bloopers) don’t always feel the same way.

I’ve tried games to add a little zip to the mystery lunches.  Sometimes we draw numbers to decide who gets to choose first.  Sometimes the leftovers are given a number and whoever draws that number gets that particular leftover. But, I may have stumbled across the sugar that really makes the leftovers go down.  

Recently, as the days were ticking by and I was determined not to get groceries until Wednesday, we had to get creative.  I dusted off the old bread machine and for three days in a row we ate leftovers with fresh-baked bread.  Our house smelled so good- the leftovers even tasted like bread.  Everyone oooohed and awed and felt royally fed.

So, now that I’ve discovered a solution for leftovers, and an air freshener for … well you know, not so fresh air, I am on a quest to find a whole-wheat bread recipe to healthen up this gem.  Any suggestions are welcome!  Meanwhile some hot, misshapen white bread pairs well with whatever is under that green plastic lid in the fridge.

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