Homeschool and Motherhood: Highlights and Bloopers 11-18-16


Back on my feet I about got run out of town by resident hooligans. ¬†It started to seem like a good option…ūüėú

“Excuse me, excuse me, can you let me out of here!” ¬†The gag gift box with one eye looking out of it ¬†was ringing through my thoughts this week. ¬†excuse-me-excuse-me

“I’ll do my math only if you watch each second,” ¬†one of my children must have decided. – same with reading -but a different child…

“Whuh! I have to finish what I didn’t do?” This seemed like ground breaking news.

With all our snow adventures in and out of the car, no one seemed to notice Max and Ruby, the book… the library book, on the floor soaking up all the snow. ¬†Hopefully the blow-dryer will fix it up dandy… or I may have to send some children in with batting eyes to talk to the librarian….

My make-up bag is nowhere to be found and the best I could come up with for a hair-do was to readjust my ponytail for date night.  Who cares!  Thank heaven for date night!!!


I remembered in the knick of time to not drink out of my mug on the counter.  It had been given to peaches to cure a hair ball.

As a family we waited on the dock for the rise of the super moon.  It finally rose over the mountains and we loved it.  We celebrated with Oreos.

Ollie cleaned my shower to earn some bucks. ¬†During this challenge he kept repeating Thomas Payne, “The greater the conflict the more glorious the triumph.”

Jack did his own laundry and found our flag in the garage when we were working in the yard.  We used the bread machine for fresh bread which made everyone happier about leftovers for lunch!

We went through the bin of snow gear and then filled in with trips to  Savers and a couple other stores.  When the snow came these guys were ready!

Looking forward to snow all week, Ollie stopped in the middle of the road to catch a might-be snowflake in his mouth.  Sorry and thank you to the car that also stopped.

I’ve realized that there isn’t a strange man in the house- it’s just Burton’s new voice.

We went to visit my Aunt Sue and take her some flowers.  7 years ago this week her sweetheart (Uncle Roger) passed away.

The day snow came, Dave went into work a little late and took all the kids to “the death hill”¬† for a while.¬† Best times.


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