Homeschool and Motherhood: Throw it Out

backpainBend and twist-  whoops.  I Shouldn’t a done that.   I understand Marlin, Nemo’s dad, when he talks about fluids rushing to the area -any rushing fluids?   2-3 times a year this happens to me in my lower back and it puts me to bed (with my husbands assistance) for a few days.

You know what else happens? Not a lot.  The dust stays where it’s been (for years), the floor doesn’t get paced or swept and I am still.

I realize that when I am still, my kids surround me and I give them 100% attention.  This would be different if I was in excruciating pain, but I’m not, not when I’m still.  The days feel longer with much more time to read stacks of books together, to work on math questions and to learn about islands of venomous vipers.

When Max was three years old he asked me why I didn’t play with toys very much.  I told him I did but that I had to do work.  He replied, “Sometimes you work, but mostly you just walk around the house.”  That stung.  Was I really just wandering the house?   Weren’t there diapers to change and spills to clean and fires to put out?  While our perspectives differed his comment has stayed with me over the years.  Do I give focused time when I can or do I just walk around the house?

Flat on my back, not walking anywhere, It’s caused me to wonder again.  There’s a book I revisit when I need to de-clutter.  It’s called, It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh.  It talks about being managers of relationships, not managers of things.  If we have less stuff to worry about, then we can devote our time and energy to what matters most- people and relationships.

I have to keep the book in hand to help me purge my surroundings.  After I do, there is more room for  messy Monopoly money, make-believe adventures and impromptu bake-sales.  But, if I’m still – not because of my back but because of deliberate decisions, there may be room and time anyway.  Yes, it’s good to declutter but piles of too many clothes make great hiding spots for hide and seek.

In my efforts to maintain order (giggle), my kids are still mine,  little and at home with me.  Decluttering my time is most important.    Yes, throw out the junk mail on the counter and the slippery lettuce in the fridge but most importantly, throw out the football – far and a little to the left.  Throw out a compliment of how much you love that toothless smile.  And, if it stays within the walls of your own home and when it’s least expected, throw out the mommy-burp and relish the reaction.

Throwing your back out isn’t highly recommended but being still is. There are other things worth throwing out.

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