Homeschool and Motherhood 10-28-16 Bloopers and Highlights



Wanting to let me know how cool it felt to have a car roll on my cheek (with batteries) my son inadvertently caught my hair in the wheels and ripped it out – not just the grays.

I actually carried a chair outside to sweep the dirt clumps off it.

Simon asked, “If it (the World Series) isn’t on, can we watch something interesting?”

I dumped paprika into our oatmeal instead of cinnamon 🙂

Ollie discovered how to use his magnifying glass to start the fall leaves on fire.



Three different times in the same day, three different kids talked to me about something personal on their mind.  Grateful I can stop and listen.

On a different day one of my sons asked me if I would go on a walk with him. He needed to discuss some troubles.

I got to go with Dave to a work meeting. And although the speaker “wrapped it up” about 19 times, I didn’t mind the extra time to sit next to my babe.

We played “after-the-manner of the adverb” as a family celebrating my dad’s birthday.

After circling forever we parked and ran up the many stairs to the BYU science building then held hands in complete darkness trying to go in the direction of the planetarium show.

Still no parking options when we went for ice cream at the creamery, we resorted to parking across the street at Subway.  We ended up splitting some subs and then walking over for ice cream.

Max chose to memorize a poem from our 100+ year old Robert Louis Stevenson book. =)

We had special visits from a Jedi and werewolf this week.

Burton taught another awesome lesson – this time in a mustache

Dave and I ran the Provo haunted half marathon.  It was beautiful and so fun to be together.  I felt so thankful for a healthy body.

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