Homeschool, Pay Attention: Ready, Set, Draw

Writing about teaching is so much easier than actually teaching. With writing, I get to complete sentences -and that’s pretty satisfying.  But, I will not be waving the white flag on teaching.  It’s go time.  Here’s one strategy worth trying for how to keep kids engaged in learning.

Have children use a white piece of paper (unless they really want to use their castle notebook from Grandma’s party, that’s fine too).

Fold it lengthwise (hot dog)

Fold in thirds

Unfold to reveal 6 sections


Begin reading to your kids.

Read for as long as you’d like depending on the needs of your family.  For us, 3-5 minutes is a good reading time before a drawing break.

When you say “Draw,” give them 60 seconds to draw in one of the sections.  They draw something they have learned so far.  

Because the kids don’t know when you will stop reading, they stay tuned in so they will know what to draw.  Repeat this stop-and-go activity until 5-6 sections are filled (or less if that suites your needs better).  If you’re on a roll, flip the paper over and keep going.

Share Drawings

Accountability can be motivational.  Have the children explain their drawings to the group at the end of the lesson (or again around the dinner table).

They likely will have a sense of pride in their work, and you just might in yours. Great job, Mamma!

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