Galaxy rolls

To review different kinds of galaxies we played with some roll dough to make irregular, elliptical and spiral galaxies.  The spiral galaxies were a fav.  This could be done with sugar cookie dough and goodies like m+m’s or chocolate chips but we went the roll route.

What you need:

  • Roll dough
  • Sprinkles for stars –  Ours happened to be green and gold-because that’s  what leprechauns left us in March.
  • Walnuts and raisins for planets
  • Cinnamon, Butter and sugar – space dust and space glue
  • food coloring – the liquid.  I can usually find this at the dollar store or on my bathroom counter (bath-time fun).  This will be the nebula.


First the kids made their own small irregular and elliptical galaxies. Being right before noon, these babies popped out of the oven and were set next to some honey and peanut butter for lunch- with leftovers of course!

Next, I rolled out a large oval and let them galixify it.

  • First, we smeared the butter on it
  • Next we sprinkled sugar
  • This is where you would usually sprinkle cinnamon.  Apparently our cinnamon toast loving household had used it all up.  We went with a cinnamon sister, Cardamon.
  • Add the sparkle!  Sprinkles
  • Planets, please.  Add a few walnuts and raisins.
  • The best part is the food coloring.  Squeeze one drop at a time in any random order (Pretty much all of this can be done in any random order – we like kid friendly!)

Roll the long edge in like you are rolling a big sleeping bag then cut about 1 inch slices all the way across the galaxy worm.  Walaah!  After they are baked, if you want the more nebulized look, flip the baked roll over and gaze.  Enjoy discovering the new version of your milky way.

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