Homeschool and Motherhood: BLOOPERS AND HIGHLIGHTS


Ollie asked if we could get a smaller pot so we don’t always have to have left overs… that would spoil my plan!

Max wondered how I would feel if he turned into a dog.  I told him I’d miss him.  He said he’d like to be a dog because then he wouldn’t have to do jobs.

Is “address your acne” a school subject? Sure.

We tried to make cinnamon roll galaxies- apparently we were out of cinnamon. Galaxy rolls Cinnamon toast is a hit item over here.

Helping one child with math, I wasn’t sure whose face was turning more red with frustration.

I may have used my phone as a timer for time-outs more than for anything else this week (and it was a short week).


We opted to fall break along with our neighborhood and it felt so good, the weather was beautiful and good friends were outside to be with – mine and my kids friends.

Late night football party with Dad!

Burton taught a lesson about A.A. Milne and took his younger brothers on a tour of the hundred acre wood.

Burton And Ollie wanted to round up some change so they could walk to the bakery and not just smell things.  They found some in my closet then cleaned my toilet to earn it!! Wahoo!

Max, Simon and Jack got out the Halloween decorations and put them up.

Jack helped me plant daffodil bulbs.  We didn’t care that the watering can was way past it’s prime.

Like in a snow globe, I felt the wind and fall leaves blow around me while watching my kids play.  I loved it.

Almost fight-free moment making rolls. Almost is good, right?

Jack wandered upstairs without a word to get a plunger to take care of business on his own.

I put the sheets on my bed!!

I laughed with friends making dream boards on Tuesday where I really considered gluing the magazine clipping “calm your bladder” right next to learn to rock climb.

Three miles and sweat never felt so good (at least since my last injury). I guess opposition in all things can make you feel so grateful.

Aw, movie day.  Wasn’t in the plan but was just what the dr. Ordered!  Thank you, Johnny Tremain.


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