Homeschool and Motherhood: Highlights and Bloopers 10-14-16


Shin splints impacted my essential sanity workouts…nuts

Ollie clutched four bunches of bananas and a bag of brown sugar searching through Walmart for me.  Today I noticed three perfect finger marks bruised into my banana.

I left a large Ziploc bag of frozen peaches on the counter to thaw.  Little did I know the bag would leak juice off the plate, on to the counter, into the drawer and down to the floor.

Pics include Sumo jumping on the tramp and making domino flows.  Ollie loved taking care of Peaches using his hard earned money to buy her a haircut and some supplies.  The masks were part of the Walmart trip. Burton and I are modeling some shoulder angels from our lesson Shoulder Angel.


Simon decided he wants to read the Book of Mormon before he turns 8 in January.  I loved sitting with him feeling the spirit and hearing him giggle at how many times it says, “And it came to pass.”

We got the calendar and weather charts out of their packages.  I kept hoping we would get to them before my kids outgrew that kind of thing.

Ollie made Max’s rain gutter regatta boat for him when Max was in a bind.

Grandma and Grandpa needed help getting pumpkins at the pumpkin patch:)

We had a small fun run race.  The crate paper finish line was a big success.




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