Homeschool and Motherhood: Bloopers and Highlights 10-7-16


My computer would not cooperate causing me to resort to plan D.  I did not have a plan D.

Someone tripped over the cord and sent the piano keyboard crashing to the cement floor. Amazingly only one key broke.  It may have been strategy: eliminate practicing, one key at a time.

I wore wrinkled but clean clothes on Monday.  By Wednesday…

I had the option to either borrow ill-fitting clothes from one of the 6 boys in my family OR start a load of my own laundry.  I did both.

I woke up super dizzy on Friday.  That put a new spin on things.

I took Ollie to get a treat after his game because his team never gets treats.  I later found out I was in charge of treats that day.

It was the week for vulgarity and cursing at football practice for Burton and Ollie. I was grateful it was limited to their practice time and not a part of our school time.


I got to sing!

I fled to my parents home a couple of times to practice. Singing and being with them are both therapeutic during rough times.

I met a homeschool mom at the park.  She introduced herself to me because she said I had all the signs of a homeschool mom like kids older than 5 with me, and the types of food we had for our picnic. Who knew!

After picking Dave up from the airport following a business trip (again), the kids loved playing catch with him at the park.

The boys finished their schoolwork and jobs more quickly which allowed time for playing boggle together.

Ollie hunkered down and worked hard to quickly prepare a presentation he had forgotten about.  I was impressed that he didn’t shrug it off or ask for more time.

Max used his free time to create domino flows inspired by the ones in our lesson System Shmystem.

Simon and Max played the piano just for fun.

The Best moment of the week came Friday with vertigo.  It forced me to stay in bed.  Jack snuggled next to me for his “morning musts” which included gospel study.  We watched a Mormon Message by President Monson and Jack told me he loved me.  Thanks to Burton, we all had breakfast on my bed (and on my wall – not Burton) and watched a space show.



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