Homeschool and Motherhood: Highlights and Bloopers 9-30-16


I lost my patience at 9:30 Monday morning and sort of stayed there.

The success story of last week’s sibling rivalry celebration relapsed.  There will be no reward.

By lunchtime Wednesday morning two of my kids were crying.  I wanted to join them.  We got happy meals instead.

I was met with moans and collapsing when I expected work done.

Jack was in a funk and was grounded twice this week.  While in his room he still tried to play with his friends by hollering to them from his window…opened or closed.


I was around to answer several birds and bees questions.

Though less important, the laundry room floor is now visible (it may or may not have been shifted to my bedroom floor).

I caught Burton helping Simon with his mine craft assignment and  I caught Max tying Jack’s shoes.

Ollie gave me homemade sugar cookies and milk with a “Best Teacher” note.

We watched a show at the end of the week about space.  Jack kept saying, “We learned about that” and was throwing out words like heretic and Copernicus.

About the pics:  Simon and Jack are posing as medieval paintings.  We walked to see an unusual sinkhole in our neighborhood.  We took cards and bread to the best Dr. ever to wish him well on his retirement.  Max ran his heart out and finished strong in his first cross-country race.  The window well is their favorite way to get outside from our school room.  They have battled many a spider there.








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