Homeschool and Motherhood: Highlights and Bloopers 9/23/16


Burton was twenty minutes late for practice today.

Our first attempt at making pecan pie turned into rock candy.

The car (and I ) nearly ran out of gas not once, but twice this week.

Our glue, string and balloon solar system imploded into webs. Do it Anyway


Simon, Jack and Max made hammocks in the basement.  They read there and slept there most the week.

Burton solved the problems with the piano keyboard connecting to the computer for online lessons.

The absolute biggest success was Thursday night when we celebrated 1 week of two sibling rivals reasonably getting along!  Pecan pie was their chosen reward.

These pics go with the highlights: Max got into the lesson on Metaphors and Similes and demonstrated with “loud as a drum,”  We got a small tour of the pre-op floor of the Huntsman Cancer Institute when we went to visit my sister, and we had a great time – though very cold time at the zoo (and about 800 pictures).


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