The Messier the Better

Back to school party 2016!  I am happy to know a few other homeschooling moms who live near me.  We commiserated and found a window of time last Saturday after morning sports and before the big college football game (BYU vs. U of U) when dads, kids and moms could come for a back-to-school party.


Since we made a point to include the homeschool dads in the family, it’s only fitting that our big-hit game was inspired by our very own homeschool dad, Dave.  I’m still not sure how the idea actually came to be, but I have come to know that when you have an upstairs railing that overlooks the family room and kitchen area below, wheels start turning.

The gist of the activity is Dad goes upstairs (not empty handed) to wait at the railing while willing targets situate themselves on the floor below.  Then, for those in the mood for appelesauce, he lovingly obliges while trying to carefully aim… I think. For this party, we shortened the distance between dumper and catcher and gave the catcher a cup.

This was followed by “Pie Face” for those who like a little whipped cream with their applesauce.  We played a good old fashioned game of rinsing for apples, I mean bobbing for apples and just in case there hadn’t been enough apple enjoyment, we finished up with freshly dipped caramel apples.  Did you know you can do that in a crock pot?  Check it out!


I think now we are officially bonded.  You can’t bob for apples with just anybody.  And, as we have gotten back into the daily grind, it’s nice to know that we have kindred spirits who may still be finding applesauce in their ears.




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